Homeopathy and Allergies

Homeopathy and Allergies


You may think that allergies are triggered during the spring and fall months, however, allergies can be found everywhere during the warm weather months as well.

Allergies can be imprisoning for many sufferers, making it difficult to take a nature walk, or even go outside. Many people cannot enjoy their favourite foods, own pets, or visit friends that have pets because of what is floating around in the air on on the furniture.

For some, even exercising is difficult as their nose runs faster than they do! A runny or stuffy nose leads to mouth breathing, which in turn leads to a dry mouth, then difficult breathing, possible insomnia and finally exhaustion. It can be a vicious cycle.

The greatest misunderstanding about allergies is the assumption that the allergen (pollen, ragweed, animal dander, wheat, etc.) is the problem!


Actually, the allergen is simply the trigger or catalyst, while the person’s body and its inability to resist the allergen is the cause. Rather than just treating symptoms or avoiding the allergen, the best method is to strengthen your immune system, or constitution.


This is where homeopathy benefits the suffering person. Homeopathy heals by strengthening your constitution, which in turn helps your body heal itself. The stronger your constitution, the less you will be affected by otherwise harmless substances known as allergens.

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