Homeopathy for Hormone Imbalance

Have you thought about how your hormones can be affecting living a happy and healthy life? Do you feel like your mood swings could be compared to a roller-coaster ride? Up an Down, Down and Up!

Hormone imbalance can play havoc on a womans' life starting from youth right into the aging years, from starting your period to menopause and in between, and the effect can be much deeper and extensive than we realize.

Here are some examples that might suggest your hormones could actually be out of balance:

  • Mood swings, from feeling angry and edgy with your partner and kids, to crying and isolating.

  • You can feel sensitive and cry a lot, or everything can set you off into an unpredictable rage.

  • Unusual weight gain during menopause or weight fluctuations with bloating during your monthly.

  • Gaining weight around the middle that won’t shift

  • Morning sickness and all the changes that occur during pregnancy.

  • Problems with infertility, ovulation, fibroids, PCOS.

  • Skin problems and acne.

  • Low or no sex drive.

  • Weird food cravings at weird times.

  • Trouble sleeping or feeling low in energy.

Homeopathy can help balance your hormones naturally.


It's time to stop trying to figure it all out on your own and book a consultation with Meghan so you can get back to living with a smile.

We offer hormone testing with FLUIDS iQ® for Hormones that is  convenient, and non-invasive. The test can be taken at home and once Meghan has the results, she will book a session to discuss the results and give her suggestions for a natural way of getting back into balance.

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Homeopathy for Hormone Imbalance




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