Insurance For Homeopathy?

Insurance For Homeopathy Treatments

Is it covered?

In Ontario, some private Extended Health plans provide partial coverage for treatment by homeopaths such as Manulife - it depends on the terms of each plan. 


If a client's insurance plan includes homeopathic coverage, it may be a specific amount and it would be a good idea to contact the insurance company to find out.


The client can then save and submit their receipts for homeopathic treatment to their insurance provider. The client can also contact their  insurance company and ask them to include homeopathy in their type of coverage.

If the company does not cover homeopathy and the client is  self-employed, they can right it off as a medical expense at the end of the year when they file their taxes.

We suggest you save all your receipts for treatments and/or remedies as they are tax deductable.

Are you suffering from:

  •  Chronic Fatigue

  •  Hormone Imbalance

  •  Anxiety

  •  Fear

  • Cold & Flu

  • Depression


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