The Artist Date: When dating yourself just makes more sense

OOOH! Date night with myself! The best part is I feel I have been doing this for years just not realizing I was taking myself on dates. Although it might have been amusing to watch me talk to myself at dinner. One thing that I absolutely love to do is go to the movies by myself. I haven’t done this in a really long time and finally 2 weeks ago I decided to go see a movie that I had been dying to see that I knew no one else was probably interested in.

It gives me a real sense of freedom and sometimes it’s even a little liberating to have the confidence (although I never felt like you needed confidence) to go to the movies by myself. I mention confidence because there are a lot of people I know who just cannot get themselves to go to the movies on their own. When I tell them they tell me they have always wanted to do that but their little voice in their head says they are going to be judged and labelled for going solo. My advice: flip the bird to that voice and go anyway because no one cares whether your there or not. I do it for me and I hope others in any artistic regard do it for themselves as well. For me it was the best experience. It always has been. Having the opportunity and ability to go and watch the artistic creations of characters play out miraculous stories for others to enjoy. I always leave feeling inspired, like I need to go and audition or something (secretly I have always dreamed of walking the red carpet and I am dying to meet everyone in Hollywood...and then slowly picking up my jaw from the ground).

Another thing I do is go for walks by myself. I recently just went for a walk down a new trail and had the best time. There was so much clarity in that space, waiting for me. Not only did I gain some insights on my winter hike but I got to just unplug from the world for 45 minutes, walk in silence and have the ability to feel the ground below me with each step I took. It has always been very grounding for me to spend time in nature by myself. I surround myself around people every day of my life and as grateful as I am to have that I also crave the quiet peace of my own company. If you haven’t gone on a solo date yet I highly encourage it! Hell, get yourself dressed up, slap on some heels (yes the ones with dust on them in the back closet corner), gloss those lips and take a night out on the town…with yourself. Trust me it is the best investment you will ever make!

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