Homeopathy & Spirituality

Homeopathy & Spirituality


Spiritual healing also known as holistic or homeopathy, are powerful practices of natural healing, when we have faith in the process rather than relying on doctors and medicine, even though they mean well.

Homeopathy is energetic healing on all planes of the human form (spiritual/emotional/physical) and matches dis-ease at its root form (it's energetic state that causes a mis-alignment in the body). Symptoms are the outward expression that there is something wrong within the vessel that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The homeopathic medicine is energetically stronger than the dis-ease therefore over-riding it and igniting the body’s ability to heal.

Often people think of illness and medical treatment in terms of the physical body, doctors, medicines, and pharmaceuticals. It is understandable since most illnesses show up and affects the physical body or mental state. In the case of physical injuries such as breaking limbs, cuts and other accidents this is true, but what medicine has not yet fully come to terms with is that even the most serious illnesses such as cancer very often do not have a physiological or psychological origin at all, but are related to imbalances and other problems arising within the energetic  body ( soul, spirit, and energy centres such as our chakras), and these are the diseases that will respond to the spiritual aspect of homeopathy.

Now this may seem a stretch for you believe or understand, however; as infinite, multidimensional beings, we have an infinite number of bodies ranging from the very highest aspect of God to the physical body of matter, in which most people are focused. Diseases as a cause can occur in any of the inner bodies causing an imbalance that has to manifest in the physical body.

By identifying the origin of these problems within the inner bodies, and treating the cause appropriately using Homeopathy, it is very often possible to completely cure even the most serious illnesses where traditional medicine, seeking to treat only the physical or psychological symptoms may fail.

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